Capital Allowances – Are you sitting on a windfall?

With successive Governments continually raising the ante in terms of what they consider to be “acceptable” tax planning, it is perhaps surprising to know that many businesses are continuing to sit on literally thousands of pounds of unclaimed tax refunds in respect of the commercial properties they own. We usually find that relief is routinely […]


Sep 12, 2015

Self-Assessment Tax Return – Guide

A self-assessment tax return is known as the SA100 and is the main tax return the HMRC uses to collect tax from individuals, and should be used to file tax for income, capital gains, interest, pensions, annuities, charitable giving and to claim tax reliefs and allowances.   This tax return allows the HMRC to collect […]


Aug 18, 2015

P11D (Expenses and Benefits)

The P11D is and Expenses and Benefits form that must be filled out by all United Kingdom employers and sent to the HMRC. The form is to report end-of-year cash-equivalents of expenses and benefits by employers, for employees and Directors who earned £8500 or more in that year – that’s including the adage of expenses […]