HMRC to get access to your bank account?

It has been proposed that HMRC will have access to individual’s bank statements, in order to assess whether they are able to deduct tax owed to them directly from their bank.   HMRC will receive the last 12 months bank statements of the taxpayer. HMRC will then review the spending of the individual and assess […]


May 6, 2014

Budget Summary – 20th March 2014

Unlike many years ago, the contents of the Chancellor’s red box is no longer as secretive or as surprising as it used to be. Tax rates and allowances are now announced in the Chancellor’s Autumn statement, policies are generally put out for consultation and the week before the budget, the Chancellor can be seen on […]


Mar 20, 2014

£2,000 Allowance For Employers

As of 6th April 2014, most employers can now claim the employment allowance (EA). This includes limited companies which only employs one director.  There are certain employers which are not entitled to the allowance. These include those caught by IR35, government bodies, employers of domestic workers, and some businesses supplying services to government.  In addition, […]


Mar 2, 2014