Market Report 1 November 2015

Trick or treat? Bull or bear? One might reasonably ask if the market is playing one big trick on us at the moment. I’ve often said that sometimes the markets are easy and sometimes they are hard. It’s been incredibly difficult for a year now, and just when it seemed like we were getting some clarity […]


Nov 1, 2015

Market Report 4 October 2015

Volatility still remains very high, with daily and weekly ranges much bigger than the long-term average. You will recall not so long ago that I used to use a figure of 275pts for the average week’s range on the Dow. It is around double that at the moment (last week was 530pts) and this is not […]


Oct 4, 2015

Market Report 6 September 2015

Well, what a difference four weeks makes. Since my last full report on 9 August, I have sent out six Interim Reports. I think it would be useful to summarise these here, but first some context. On Monday 17 August, the S&P500 was just 1.3% below it’s all-time high. If the ATH is within touching distance, […]


Sep 6, 2015

Market Report 9 August 2015

US indices, especially the Dow, have a soft summer feel to them right now. The Dow has just fallen for the 12th day out of 14, a sequence that has only happened on two other occasions since the bull market began in 2009. You’ll see shortly, however, that the Dow is in a much more […]


Aug 9, 2015