Retail Q&A: All the answers here. #GetRich

Thanks to everyone who took part in the live Twitter Q&A this morning with our retail expert Richard Godsland. For those that missed it weʼve rounded up all the action here. Donʼt forget, if youʼve got a question for Richard on how to get your business growing, cash flow, debt management, reducing overheads, data/information and […]


Oct 9, 2015

Is Online Advertising Really the Future? (Hint: Maybe Not)

We all know that online advertising is cheap. It allows you a 24/7 span of exposure globally and is easily attainable, unlike TV broadcasting slots and newspaper ads. From a 2015 point of view, the online advertising business model is well-known and sensible: it allows internet users to access information and other content online for […]


Aug 11, 2015

Recent Digital Marketing Changes Marketers Should Know

The world of digital marketing is a really dynamic one. In order to survive, compete and thrive here – as a digital marketer or as an online entrepreneur – you have to keep yourself updated. The best way of doing that is to keep track of all the recent changes that happen across multiple platforms […]


Jul 1, 2015

Proofreading, Proof reading or Proof-reading? … Or who really cares anyway?

Proofreaders today are usually freelancers. They look for errors in typing, spelling and punctuation but do not normally make substantial changes to a text. However, most proofreaders also offer copy-editing services, which involve more detailed intervention, such as improvement of sentence structure, even reorganising entire paragraphs when discrepancies occur between actual and intended meanings. It’s […]


May 14, 2015