7 Tips for Becoming a More Resilient Person

How is it that some people can face a major setback and simply bounce back, while others are completely floored and disheartened by exactly the same set of circumstances? I have marveled at Richard Branson, whose failures are numerous – Virgin Cola, Virgin Megastores, Virgin Flowers and Virgin Express – was he disheartened? It seems […]


Jun 19, 2015

Tough at the Top, The Psychology of Entrepreneurship (2 of 2)

Overcoming the Challenges Blog 2 of 2 in this series about the psychological difficulties inherent in being a successful entrepreneur, and how to overcome them.   Paul Gregory, former executive director at New Zealand Venture Capital firm Caltech Capital, is a man who knows a thing or two about thinking for success: A psychology graduate […]


Jun 12, 2015

Jackie Beattie – Mindfullness Practitioner

Mindfulness, I am sure you have heard so much about it, but what is it? In a nutshell the practice of Mindfulness can help you pay attention to what is happening to yourself in the present and manage your experiences better. It is recommended now by many GP’s for dealing with a range of symptoms […]


May 2, 2015

Stop the world – I want to get off! How Mindfulness can help us cope with the maelstrom of life around us.

I have just been reading a fascinating article about the use of Mindfulness with military personnel suffering stress disorders, including anxiety and depression. It suggested that Mindfulness won’t make combat any easier, but it helps soldiers to recover from stress more quickly and return to baseline function. This led me to think about how this […]


Apr 16, 2015