Jackie Beattie – Mindfullness Practitioner

Mindfulness, I am sure you have heard so much about it, but what is it?

In a nutshell the practice of Mindfulness can help you pay attention to what is happening to yourself in the present and manage your experiences better. It is recommended now by many GP’s for dealing with a range of symptoms experienced by many of us including depression, anxiety, addictive behaviour, stress, chronic pain, fatigue and insomnia.

Just imagine that you are sitting at your desk in work and have a task that you should be getting on with, but you say to yourself “ I will start after I’ve checked Face book”. What you are really doing is responding to the negative feelings about the work task and going into avoidance mode. How much better would it be if you could learn to cope with the negative emotions and to maintain focus on the present moment?

This can go for so many things in life, staring a diet, not facing up to a problem, feeling anxious before an interview,

Mindfulness is a great skill but it takes practice and commitment. Developing the ability to maintain focus in the present can be challenging but provides a whole host of physical and mental health benefits.


Jackie Beattie is a practitioner and teacher of Mindfulness and incorporates it into her successful Psychotherapy practice TalkingPoint Therapy.

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May 2, 2015