Market Report 22 February 2015

At the time of my last main report, the Dow was at 17511 and it is now 18140. Here’s the 50pt chart:
Screenshot 2015-04-01 23.06.52
When you look at it with a box size of 100pts, you get a much cleaner and clearer picture:
Screenshot 2015-04-01 23.07.19
As I’ve said previously, we now have the clarity in all our major indices that has been so badly lacking for the last six months. The S&P500 provides another example of this, having risen from 2019 last month to 2110 confirming that the bull market is still intact:
Screenshot 2015-04-01 23.07.53
Likewise the Nasdaq100, which is up from 4142 to 4443 in the last month. With hindsight we can now say that what we’ve had here recently was a congestion area:
Screenshot 2015-04-01 23.08.27
As you would expect, the Russell2000 has also advanced, climbing from 1176 to 1231 which is also an ATH:
Screenshot 2015-04-01 23.14.29
Remember my Golden Rule: one all-time high leads to another and another.
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Feb 22, 2015