Stop the world – I want to get off! How Mindfulness can help us cope with the maelstrom of life around us.

I have just been reading a fascinating article about the use of Mindfulness with military personnel suffering stress disorders, including anxiety and depression. It suggested that Mindfulness won’t make combat any easier, but it helps soldiers to recover from stress more quickly and return to baseline function.

This led me to think about how this can be applied to the busy world that we all live in, in particular the world of business. It’s a bit like the waves on the beach, you can’t stop them but you can learn to surf them. Mindfulness can help us all change the way we think and feel about experiences in the workplace, especially at times of stress.

I recently worked with a client (we shall call him John) who was becoming increasingly concerned about his temper. John didn’t like that about himself and along with the current economic climate, it was all taking its toll on his life in general, but in particular, his business. John was becoming increasingly irritable with his staff and would often regret this afterwards. It was affecting his relationships with clients, and spilling over into his home life. He decided to work with me to address this.

After a number of sessions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness, John became more aware of his thoughts and emotions and, with practice, became more able to take control of them. Subsequently John is now able to take a step back when he’s feeling stressed or irritable, and he deals with his feelings in a calmer, healthier way. He is reaping the rewards of this in his business.

There is no doubt that Mindfulness training is fast being accepted as having numerous benefits for businesses. Research is backing this up and there is now an All Party Parliamentary Mindfulness Group looking into the benefits of Mindfulness in public policy and the workplace.

I believe that the world of business will increasingly benefit from the therapeutic approach to life.


  • Mindfulness can help us cope with workplace stress
  • Exercises in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness can increase awareness of thoughts and emotions
  • Greater awareness helps us to control our feelings
  • There are many benefits for the world of business from this therapeutic approach to life

Apr 16, 2015