Richard to hold Q&A with retailers this Friday

Are you a small or medium sized retailer? Join us and our retail expert Richard Godsland this Friday at 11am for a live Q&A session. Richard is a Chartered Global Management Accountant with over seven years experience working at a top high street retailer.

He’ll be on hand from 11am to answer questions on a whole range of issues facing retailers today, including cashflow, debt management, reducing overheads, data/information and business set up.

“My passion is to help businesses amplify their potential and realise what battles they’re currently losing,” said Richard.

“Whether that is cash, debt management, resource or the most valuable commodity in the world… TIME.”

Richard brings a culmination of personal and analytical skills acquired over the years to tackle losses and turn them into wins for his clients.

“Analysing the data of businesses is what I’m trained to do in my profession,” Richard added.

“Analysing the peripherals, people and working environment of businesses is what I was born to do. Numbers are only a small part of being an accountant.”

Join us at 11am on twitter @SmithBrownAcc or search Smith and Brown

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Oct 7, 2015