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What can we do?

We offer bespoke reporting across the full range of performance indicators and on all data-driven aspects of your operation, both financial and non-financial. If you already have appropriate data collection systems in place, we can analyse and present the information for you in electronic, hard or printer-ready format, including Dashboards. If you don’t, we’re specialists in the implementation of systems for the collection of high-quality, holistic data and in workflow (including information-flow) reform.

Our reports are flexible and can be adapted to cater for different external organisations, or even different individuals within your own. They can be produced for a specific task, meeting or project. We have a variety of innovative graphical representations at our disposal that can serve to illustrate a difficult point, and we can brand reports with your own logo and style preferences.

For the technologically minded we offer a range of cloud-based packages that provide reporting in real time, including dashboard interfacing and innovative tools to help you keep track of your progress through a seamless link to cloud accounting technology. Using these packages you can not only see stylish and easy-to-read reports on a huge range of data within your business, you can also model scenarios with a simple mouse-click to assess the impact of decisions on your key performance indicators. When choosing goals to report upon, you can select from a list of over 50 standard KPIs [link to benchmarking] or even define your own, using your algorithms or our design.

With such a huge range of solutions on offer, it makes sense to contact us to discuss your needs in more detail. We’ll put you straight in touch with an accountant who can begin the process of helping you to find the type of reporting that’s right for you. We will never promote one product or service over another but will always give priority to a solution that works the way you want it to.

  • Surprising insights
  • Trends, tendencies and biases
  • Easy to interpret
  • Flexible and specific
  • Innovative and intuitive
  • Stylish reports

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Bespoke Reporting

Put simply, Bespoke Reporting means providing you with the information you need, when and how you need it, in a form that’s intuitive and easy to use. Any data driven aspect of your business is amenable to reporting, from the traditional Cashflow and Profit/Loss statements to items like lead-time on raw materials and staffing hours. Having access to specific information in a form that makes it easy to interpret enables effective decision-making. Without it, you may well be working in the dark.

Increasingly, the accountancy profession is expected to evolve beyond its typical ‘scorekeeping’ role and to supply information in a fluid and responsive way that reflects the needs of directors and managers. This change is being led by all proactive management accountancy firms and their governing body CIMA (The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants). The development of extensive bespoke reporting services across the sector and across a wide range of benchmarks and KPIs is one small aspect of this.

In essence, reports (as opposed to projections and forecasts) are retrospective. They rely on historical data and illustrate trends, tendencies and biases within the operation of a business that would otherwise remain hidden. The advent of the digital age has revolutionised the way that data is collected, processed and stored. Many companies now routinely ‘tag’ each sale, purchase and bank transaction for the purposes of more accurate reporting. These reports, often available in real-time thanks to powerful Cloud Computing [link to cloud accounting] applications and Dashboards, can provide unprecedented insight into the real workings of a business, and support decision making to an extent that was simply not possible twenty years ago.

Virtually all accountancy firms offer reports in one form or another. Often these are generic: Annual Accounts, Returns, Profit/Loss and Cashflow, for example, which give an idea about how a business is doing in a general sense, and in the manner required by law. Bespoke reports, however, can cover any data-driven aspect of a business and can yield surprising insights into aspects of the business that you might never have considered.

By way of example, consider the company whose stated goal [link to goalsetting] for the coming year is to generate a positive Profit/Loss statement each month. With conventional reports and forecasts, they might get some warning about an impending loss, but finding out what is causing that loss, and what is required to amend it, calls for something else entirely. A bespoke report into variable costs might reveal that selling to one particular customer, who happens to have made a large order that month, actually generates a loss because of the low margin on the products they have requested and a high distribution cost. Further analysis of non-financial data on the industry as a whole might reveal that the net margin for that customer can be increased by using a different distribution network, offsetting the losses that would otherwise have been incurred.

This is a simple example, but it illustrates the insight that high-quality information puts at your disposal. Prior to the provision of bespoke reports, the solution might have seemed to be to generate more sales, a situation that might, paradoxically, have pushed the company further into loss!

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