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Company Secretarial

As a company trading in the UK you will often need to provide documentation to HMRC, Companies house, the police and other authorities.

What can we do?

We provide a complete and comprehensive Company Secretarial service. For a fixed annual fee we will handle your returns, keep your statutory books up-to-date and deal with any issues arising in relation to minutes and resolutions. We can do all this online using a sophisticated interface that allows you to keep track of what we’re doing on your behalf and make your updates and changes at the touch of a button.

Although we are not lawyers, we can give general advice about aspects of company law that relate to accountancy and let you know when full legal advice is required on a particular issue. We can also arrange a legal consultation with one of our partners if this is what you need.

  • Complete service
  • Annual returns and statutory books
  • Sophisticated online interface
  • Track and make changes
  • Obligations to Companies House
  • Legal requirements
  • Fixed annual fee
  • Make updates and changes online
  • Legal consultation with one of our partners

Further Reading

Company Secretarial

There are several obligations that you must fulfil and, because of the changing nature of legislation regarding these, many companies find it useful to hand over control to someone else. Broadly speaking, your obligations to companies house are as follows:

Company Formations

If you intend to trade as a limited company in the UK, which has significant tax-related benefits in most cases, then you must ensure that you’re properly registered with Companies House, that you have made a decision about limitation by shares, guarantee or delimitation, and that you provide the appropriate information in your application.

Preparation and Filing of Statutory Returns

Every registered company in the UK must file an annual return with Companies House. It should contain information relating to directors, secretaries, registered offices, principle business activities, shareholders and share capital. Annual returns must be submitted by the made-up date; that is the anniversary of incorporation of the company and/or the anniversary of the previous annual return. For more information, see our dedicated Annual Returns Section.

Preparation of Documentation related to Minutes and Resolutions

Until recently, all registered companies were required to hold an annual general meeting (AGM) and provide, on request, detailed minutes of this meeting, along with a record of resolutions, to Companies House. Following the revision of the Companies Act 2006, however, for private companies, this is only required in certain circumstances. The legislation is notoriously difficult to navigate since the new act does not completely supersede the old one.

Maintenance of Statutory Books

Statutory books are a legal requirement for any UK company. They should contain details of company structure and mode of operation, including up-to-date details of registered directors. The books must be kept at the registered address, which is provided to Companies House as part of the incorporation process and updated with them in the event that it changes. In practice, it is rare for anyone to visit the registered address with a request for inspection of the statutory books; most enquiries are made through Companies House or electronically, but a physical inspection can happen, and the books must, by law, be up-to-date if it does.

General advice on company law

Along with the Insolvency Act of 1986, the Corporate Governance Code, EU Directives and individual court cases, UK company law is the main article of governance for companies trading in the UK. As the owner of a registered business in the UK, you may well have questions about particular scenarios that might arise, or the legality of, or legal constraints upon, a particular course of action.

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