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An efficient and supported IT system reduces down time and protects your data.

What can we do?

In addition to our regular accountancy services and in conjunction with our partners, Froya IT services, we are proud to offer a range of IT support on a contract or pay-as-you-go basis. We have a 97% first time fix rate and are trusted by Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council.

We recommend a support contract over pay-as-you-go because of the advantages inherent in having a schedule of regular maintenance and someone on hand immediately to fix problems in the event that they arise. That said, we also recognise that for smaller businesses, the cost of this can be prohibitive and we are very happy to offer an ad-hoc service as required.

Beyond this, we specialise in the leasing and installation of super-fast wireless broadband systems with a 5-day turnaround time. We also offer consultancy on ‘Green’ Computing, which can save you money, as well as helping the environment by improving the efficiency of your hardware. Within this scheme we offer 0% interest-free loans for the purchase of new hardware.

If you already have an in-house or third-party IT support team but need people to cover for illness, holidays and the like, we are happy to provide co-operative services and are well practised at getting up to speed quickly. We are also available to help with larger projects on an ad-hoc basis.

Finally, we offer consultancy around any aspect of IT services and infrastructure. Whether for a general or accountancy specific purpose, we are well qualified to advise you on the advantages and limitations of various systems, including cloud computing and Disaster Recovery.

  • Improve IT functioning
  • Minimise failures
  • Cloud computing and mobile devices
  • Support and consultancy
  • Contract or pay-as-you-go

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Virtually every business in the modern world now operates an extensive system of multiple computers, at least one wireless network, a selection of different mobile devices, perhaps a server and a huge array of data stored in various formats.

Computers, like cars, need regular maintenance. Without it, they begin to run badly, develop faults and may even fail suddenly and catastrophically, causing a significant loss of data and/or productivity. This is something that larger corporations with the budget to employ an in-house IT support service use to their benefit: having cutting-edge technology running optimally will give a significant competitive advantage. For smaller businesses, the cost of a permanent IT support department can be prohibitive and they often find themselves relying on a ‘cure-not-prevention’ model where problems have to arise before they are solved.

In many cases, an IT service contract with a third party is the answer. Support can be provided at a fraction of the cost of employing someone in-house, and a schedule of regular maintenance can be devised that will dramatically improve the overall functioning of your IT systems and minimise failures. In the event that something does go wrong, you’ll have someone on hand to fix the problem immediately.

Beyond this, it’s important to ensure that you’re utilising the right kind of IT system. In the era of Cloud Computing [link to cloud accounting] there are substantial savings and efficiencies to be made from centralising your software provision and data storage, if this fits, of course, with your preferred method of working. IT systems are increasingly central to data collection, too [link to system setup]. By implementing and utilising the right software, you can cut the time spent, and therefore the cost of data collection, to a fraction of what it traditionally requires. In most cases, the end product is far superior [link to bespoke reporting].

Mobile devices are powerful enough now to all but replace a laptop computer for most of the functionality you need on the go. Choosing the right setup for your workforce and your type of business, however, can be tricky and the costs of a bad decision are high.

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