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Non-Executive Director (NXD/ NED)

Non-executive directors should scrutinise the performance of management in meeting-agreed goals and objectives.

What can we do?

With over 80 years of business ownership and direction under our belts and having served across almost all business sectors, Smith and Brown are ideally placed to provide you with robust, and rewarding NED services.

The provision of these services can be expensive, but suppose you’re looking to exit your business for maximum value – having an NED on board will tell a potential purchaser of your business that you’re serious, that your business is in it for the long haul and that it’s not just there to provide excess income for it’s directors. All this can mean that the purchase price doesn’t get ‘chipped’ by, often hundreds of thousands of pounds. A sound return on your NED investment.

. Business exit planning
. Hitting business goals
. Independent
. Business monitoring
. Corporate governance

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Keeping your business and Directors honest while making sure all the business goals are being met.

A non-exec director is usually an independent person appointed by the shareholders of the business to the board of directors to provide robust but fair challenge to the executive directors to ensure that the objectives of the business and the directors are congruent and, at least, are being sought. An NED will not, typically, be involved in the day to day running of the business but will attend board meetings to ensure that executive directors are performing in the best interests of the business.

The objectives of an NED can be far reaching but will typically include things like development of strategy, assessment of business performance, appraisal of senior management performance, replacement of underperforming senior management, determining appropriate levels of director remuneration and independent risk assessment. All these objectives are fulfilled without the close working relationship the exec directors have so ensuring independence.

A business will often employ one or more NEDs where there is a specific business challenge which requires specific business experience, where shareholders are not part of the board of directors or where there is a particular business event – say planned exit – that requires corporate governance to be of the highest order.

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