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Our comprehensive system can do the work of an entire HR department – with minimal input.

What can we do?

We offer you our own comprehensive, affordable cloud-based system, which allows you access, not just to your benefits and expenses information, but to all your payroll information from anywhere in the world. You can handle your PAYE, HR functions, produce BACS information and print branded payslips. See our Payroll section for more details.

As far as benefits and expenses alone are concerned, our system automatically completes the relevant forms from information you or your HR officer enter into the database. It links directly to HMRC so you can submit P11D and P9Ds directly, without having to use the online forms from HMRC. The P11D(b) is also compiled automatically from information gathered from your P11Ds. In short, it can do the work of an entire HR department with very little input. The cost is minimal, from as little as £1 per employee per month.

Given the appropriate information, we can, of course, handle all your P11/P9Ds for you using this system, or in the traditional way by email, post or in person.

  • Comprehensive Cloud-based system
  • World-wide access
  • Automatic form completion
  • Direct HMRC link
  • Cost effective

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The information provided on on these forms is used, in part, to calculate the tax and NI contributions due on these expenses and benefits. Form P11D(b) must also be completed in order to give a summary of the NI and tax due on benefits and expenses for the company as a whole.

Form P11D is required for all employees earning more than £8,500 per year (inclusive of benefits and expenses) and most company directors, regardless of the amount they earn. P9D is required for all those employees earning less than this. Form P11D(b) provides a summary of the total value of expenses and benefits liable for

Class 1A National Insurance Contributions and must be completed if you submit more than 1 form P11D and/or P9D.

The information required on these forms is as follows:


Your reference as the employer Employee’s name Employee’s NI number or date of birth and gender If you’re reporting a company car, the list price of that car Cash equivalent value of cars provided where cash equivalent of fuel provided is also reported Cash equivalent of beneficial loans

Other expenses can, of course, be declared and other information given, but omission of the above-listed items will result in rejection of the form.


Total value of expenses and benefits liable for class 1A National Insurance Contributions Adjustments to this total Total Class 1A NI Contributions for that year Declaration as to the number of P11D forms submitted and the status of your expenses and benefits.

Mistakes with these forms are very common. They include inappropriate form submission, confusion of private use and mixed business/private use benefit, and even writing with the wrong font size. All such errors will result in rejection of the form and often a late submission penalty. Many larger companies opt to use an electronic system to handle payroll benefits, which automatically generates the appropriate P11Ds and P9Ds and completes P11D(b), but these systems are expensive, and often inappropriate for small and medium-sized businesses.

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