Small Business Accounting Services

Smith & Brown provide a high-quality accounting service for small businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We are an established firm of relationship-led accountants, with clients throughout the North West.

As a small business owner, we understand that it can be stressful and time consuming to keep on top of bills and expenses, as well as trying to run your company. We can organise and manage your finances for you, leaving you to focus on running your business.

Smith & Brown’s accounting services have helped countless small business owners in a variety of industries. From trades and services to retail and marketing, wherever your passion lies, Smith & Brown are here to help your business thrive.

Our accounting and bookkeeping services

We provide a full range of compliance-related services and offer in-depth analysis to see how your small business is performing. All that goes without saying; but what you’ll really get from us, the difference between our service and the rest, is our ability to see the bigger picture for your business, focusing on what you want to achieve and the best route to get there.


Smith & Brown offer a bespoke fixed fee service for small businesses, including the following:


Annual accounts

We can handle your small business’ annual accounts for you, meeting the submission deadline on your behalf, giving you the peace of mind that your submission will be complete and correct. Our accountants are also chartered tax advisers, which means that they have the skills and experience of the UK tax system to save you money on your tax-bill, which, in the case of your accounts, means more money in the bottom line for you.


Bookkeeping services

In short, we’ll help you to set up and manage whatever system of bookkeeping you require. All our bookkeeping solutions are designed to give you insight, control and easy access to your accounts whenever you need it. We charge a fixed annual fee so you can anticipate your costs without any hidden surprises.


Xero Cloud Accounting

Xero Cloud Accounting gives you access to a huge range of real-time data about your business 24 hours a day. Cloud based accounting software gives you, your finance team and your accountant, access to the same data simultaneously without having to send it to each other by email or physical methods.


PAYE & payroll services

We offer a completely comprehensive Payroll service through our own sophisticated cloud-based software. Using this system, you can easily handle all your payroll requirements, as well as maintain a full HR database.


Business startup & company formation

We offer a comprehensive company formation service which goes beyond simply completing the paperwork on your behalf. We can offer you consultation around the issues of incorporation, the risks and responsibilities involved, all with a focus on you, your goals and aspirations.


Corporate & business tax accountants

Does sorting your business’ corporation tax return fill you will worry and dread? Smith & Brown can simplify the process, so you don’t have to deal with HMRC, never miss a deadline and always pay the correct amount in tax.


R&D tax advisors

We can handle your claim for R&D tax relief from start to finish, whilst making sure it’s as smooth, hassle-free and cost-effective as possible. Rest assured that our team of R&D tax advisors are here to help make sure your claim is accurate and effective.


Personal tax accountant

Smith & Brown can handle your personal tax return no matter what state your bookkeeping is in! We’ll provide a flexible service to you that lets you give us the information we need in any way you like and takes away the hassle of sorting your finances completely.

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Benefits of choosing our small businesses accounting services:

We can help improve your collection: Our accounting services can help small businesses improve their collection through improved documentation and invoicing.

We can help increase profit: We help small businesses identify where they are most profitable by giving them all the facts and figures they need to make informed decisions. 

We can save you time: By allowing Smith & Brown to take care of their bookkeeping, small businesses can save lots of time and effort. Business owners can spend this time by focusing on the everyday running of their company.

We can help to maximise cash flows: Being a reputable small business accounting firm, we can help guide businesses in maximising their cash.


Why choose Smith & Brown for your accounting?


We build lasting relationships with our clients

Smith & Brown believe that in the 21st century, speaking to your accounting shouldn’t feel like a dressing-down from the headmaster! We realise that running a small business can be demanding and time consuming. Above all else, we’re committed to understanding the ins and outs of your business and designing an accounting service that’s especially for you.  We build lasting relationships with our clients that work.

Our small business accounting services are flexible, accessible and unlimited. Whatever you need, whatever level of service you require, we already have a bounty of clients who are just like you. Diligence and integrity are at the heart of everything we do. Regardless of how you utilise our accounting and bookkeeping services, rest assured that we’ll ensure full compliance and honesty at every stage. 


Smart growth

Our partners have a proven track record as entrepreneurs. Over the past twelve years we’ve developed a process-driven approach, which helps small business owners with the daily challenge of getting out from inside their business and staying on top of it. Our ‘Smart Growth’ uses the latest in data collection and processing technology to put you firmly in control of your business. We’ll help you find scalability and develop the confidence and vision you need to drive your businesses further.


Quality expertise 

Smith & Brown have a background in business and understand what it takes to set up and grow a successful enterprise. Over the years, we’ve handled accounts and provided direction for hundreds of diverse businesses. Our qualifications and decades of experience mean that we understand the world of business and accounting. Whether it’s strategic analysis or the subtleties of taxation planning for unincorporated companies, we’ve got it covered. 

If you need specialist advice, we can provide it for you through our extensive network of contacts in your industry. What you’ll find different about Smith & Brown is our commitment to understanding your needs and working with you to help you achieve your goals.


Bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses across the UK & Northwest

Smith & Brown work closely with small businesses to deliver both traditional accounting services, such as tax and compliance, and smart accounting services. We believe ‘that which can be measured, can be improved,’ and strive to deliver performance visibility for your business.

Many small business owners can find themselves working multiple roles at the same time, partly to keep business costs down, but mostly due to the dedication they have to making their business a success.

They strive to deliver quality services and/or products to their customers, leaving them less time to organise their accounting and finances. It can be easy as a small business owner to fall into this trap! Many of these companies could save themselves time and money by taking the help of a small business accountant or firm, such as Smith & Brown.

Smith & Brown’s team of highly skilled professionals are experienced accountants and bookkeepers who are committed to serving your businesses at the highest level. Our bookkeeping and accounting services are ideal for small businesses across the UK and Northwest.

Great financial reports that are reliable, insightful and useful only exist because of great bookkeeping. Whereas many other accounting services expect you to do the bookkeeping, Smith & Brown do everything for you. Including the boring entering of every invoice and expense!


Small business accounting FAQs


Do I need an accountant?

With the right accountant, not only will your company’s finances will grow, but your own time will be freed. This means you can focus on the day to day running of your business, without the extra hassle of sorting your own accounts!


Is it possible to switch accountants?

Of course! If you’re currently unhappy with the services provided by your current accountant, then it might be time for a change. Many business owners are under the impression switching accountants will be difficult, however it’s not as difficult as you may think. We’ll help you make the simple transition stress-free!


Contact Us

If you have any comments or questions about your small business’ accounts or finances, Smith & Brown are here to help. Whether you simply want some advice, or to arrange a meeting with us face to face, get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!


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